He who can spend the most money to acquire a customer, wins.

Ryan Deiss

CEO, Digital Marketer

Are you looking for more qualified leads?

Are you looking to be able to turn the “tap” on at any time for those leads?

Are you looking for a higher conversion rate for your leads?

Then Digital Marketing is for you!

Digital Marketing is for people who wish to “purchase” qualified leads for their company.

New Reality Media is looking for a “dream” client that we can help massively increase leads and sales for.

New Reality Media has been certified by Digital Marketer as a Customer Acquisition Specialist.Certified Acquistion Specialist

We are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses leverage paid traffic channels such Google, Facebook and other demand-gen platforms to grow their customer base without breaking the bank. In short, we are able to not only deliver fresh leads and customers…we are able to deliver those leads and customers at a PROFIT.

New Reality Media is looking for 1 new “dream client” per month, simply because that is all we can handle without impacting our current clients.

If you are an e-commerce business, high-ticket consultant or coach (or anything in between) and you fit my simple criteria, I know I can DOUBLE, TRIPLE or possibly QUADRUPLE your business and I want to speak to you!

I have set aside some time to speak with you one-on-one and during this time I will evaluate your business and work with you to create an action plan to increase your sales!

I will not charge you for this time and there are no catches.  If you enjoyed our conversation and found value from it, we can discuss working together long term.

You may also choose to take the plan and work on it yourself…that is your choice, and I wish you luck and hope you keep me posted on your success.

Either way, you come out ahead!


…you can either keep doing what you currently doing, and as Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

…or you can apply to be our dream client for this month!

To apply click the button below to fill in a short non-invasive form.

Once we receive the form, we will evaluate it and if you are a fit, Carol from my staff will reach out to you to setup a time to speak with me about your project.

I wish you great success in your endeavors!


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